A better bedside experience

Your organization strives to improve patient care whenever and wherever possible. Insight helps you identify, adopt and manage innovative IT solutions to serve that goal.

From making treatment decisions to administering medications to recording test results, our point-of-care technology provides fast, secure access to the information your teams need to deliver quality care to every patient — at the bedside and beyond.

Enhanced point-of-care solutions enable:

  • Streamlined patient experiences
  • Improved care team communication
  • In-depth, real-time data
  • Better health outcomes

Accelerate routine tasks with point-of-care tools.

Shorter waiting room times and deeper conversations with practitioners are key components of a positive patient experience. Automation-based in-room technology provides easier, faster access to patient data, so your caretakers can focus on the conversations that matter most.

End-to-end data solutions

Secure, up-to-date Electronic Health Records (EHRs) keep patient interactions running smoothly and simplify communication across caregiving teams. With point-of-care devices, it’s easy to manage EHR data at every stage.


You can instantly update EHRs and your patient database from any care context, resolving workflow concerns.


Connected devices streamline how you review data and make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.


In a secure, HIPAA-compliant IT environment, you have peace of mind as you access, update and transmit EHRs.

Elderly patient using IoT wearable device tracking her health

IoT for healthcare

The healthcare experience is no longer limited to the examination room. Internet of Things (IoT) devices augment traditional point-of-care technology with expansive monitoring and communication capabilities.

We’re here to assist with every step of your healthcare IoT journey. From adopting devices that support improved health outcomes to creating a secure, high-performance infrastructure, we’ll help you open up new possibilities for patient care.

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