Achieving better business outcomes

Increasingly complex transformation projects mean organisations now require 10+ partners to execute their initiatives, and 79% of transformation fail because of human factors. Insight is your end-to-end partner — a single team with expertise across all aspects of modern IT solutions to architect, manage and deliver.

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Insight Intelligent Technology Report 2022: IT Ambitions for Business Transformation

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Executing a digital journey

It’s one thing to have an idea; it’s another to execute on it. Our design process turns ideas into rich and powerful business outcomes quickly and smoothly. Explore our process:

Team having a collaborative discussion in modern office
Collaboration team putting ideas up on the wall using postit notes

Growth & innovation strategy

First, we focus on research and conceptualization. A detailed roadmap provides deep insight into what the end state looks like and enables long-term iterative planning. Concept validation and continuous feedback keep everything on target.

Understand the problem & create a vision.

Our research-driven approach uses strategy and design expertise to form the foundation, including a:

  • Multiyear program definition and roadmap
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition
  • Return on investment analysis
Business strategise session and discussion
Web developers discussing current project development and launch
Wireframes of multiple application designs displayed on table

Design & architecture

With a solid strategy foundation, we define, design and architect. We analyse findings and identify solutions around product engineering, operating models and technology that will meet the desired experience.

Clearly define what & how to build.

The design and architecture process incorporates many factors, including:

  • User experience, visual branding & technology
  • Operating model dependencies & alignment
  • Hardware engineering
Designed wireframes showing application concept for client
Businessman using tablet computer in office and smiling
Business woman using client application with ease in office

Build & test

We build a solution that meets your needs exactly — beautiful in both form and function and optimized for long-term use. Big data and advanced analytics will determine the success of your product and inform future updates.

Deliver & track your innovative solution.

Your product will be put through rigorous testing before it’s deployed to ensure a successful launch. This stage includes:

  • Solution development
  • Solution deployment
  • Hardware engineering
  • Detailed testing
  • Usage tracking
Close up of analytics software displayed on smart phone
Smiling call center representative taking calls
Dedicated post launch team meets at table to discuss and monitor deployment

Continuous improvement and support

Adding features and optimizing functionality based on analytics and user feedback increases your solution’s long-term success. We’re ready to support you with regular updates as your business changes and technology evolves.

Keep your end users satisfied & engaged.

We’ll help you ensure continuity and a quality experience for your users with:

  • Continuous services & support
  • Advanced analytics & customer feedback
  • Testing & update implementation
  • Knowledge sharing
Man using laptop and cell phone for site discovery in modern workforce

Drive differentiation across your digital experiences.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.